Celebrating 35 years of service and innovation

Our goal is to simplify healthcare with a forward-thinking approach — and we’ve succeeded. Our history of innovation continues today as we serve our clients, brokers, providers and members in every area of health benefits.

Nazie Eftekhari

Chief Executive Officer

Mathew Parker

Director, America's PPO

Deena Fisher

Employee Experience Manager

Krystle Johnson


Mike Knapmiller

Vice President

Kayla Gloege

Manager, Onboarding

Josh Schreiner

Chief of Staff

Rebecca Mason

Manager, LivEZ

Brian Skelly

Financial Analyst

Jennifer Torinus

Vice President, Client Relations

Suzanne Kearns, RN

Executive Case Manager

Jacquelyn Conley

Chief Medical Officer

Dawn Potter

Manager, Claims & Operations

Julia McKay

Reporting Analyst

Eric Lamote

Chief Risk Officer

Lois Jennings

Senior Associate, Plan Builder & Training

Nick Johnson

Vice President, Risk

Joann Damawand

Vice President, Care Management

Justin Zabinski

Risk Solutions Specialist

Brianne Parent

Vice President, Client Relations

Jean (Jeanie) LaFavor

Vice President, Sales

Tammy Danielson, LPN

Director, Clinical

Alicea L Inthavog

Client Services Supervisor

Chelsea Crego

Director, Analytics

Amir Eftekhari


Kaylee Wright

Manager, Medical Management

Katelynn LaHaye

Director, Stop Loss & Audit

Kara L Rich

Quality Coach

We’re proud of our accomplishments and the innovative products and services we’ve brought to our industry. This includes being the first Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) in the nation, the first TPA to consolidate insurance and consumer payments and the first TPA to allow consumers to pay various medical bills through a single online platform.

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