Member Services

Member services are provided at our office, which is located at 7201 West 78th Street, in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Our philosophy is to provide direct access to live representatives, as well as access to a robust online system. We believe that most members do not voluntarily use their health benefits, and when they need to access customer service, they should not have to go through an automated decision tree.

A custom web site for each employer client provides members with access to paid claims within 24 hours of processing. They can view their monthly medical, dental and pharmacy statements and explanations of benefits and search for specific claims using a date range.

We provide our clients with a custom customer service number, which allows us to track all calls regarding, whether made by members or providers.

Our reporting package includes reason codes related to calls that are logged as issues. Our phone system digitally records all calls, and that information is available to help resolve issues and to provide ongoing training. Audits are conducted daily. Reports, based on all calls received through your custom phone number, are available on a quarterly basis. HealthEZ will also provide information in a weekly summary report that outlines the type of calls received, identifying any trends or need for additional member education.

Live and local representatives - no phone trees

If you’ve had medical insurance with one of the big carriers, you know what calling their customer service line can be like. Be prepared to “listen carefully, because our call options have changed” and be prepared to wait.

We believe that our clients deserve live and local representatives, who are thoroughly trained on the employer’s plan of benefits. The goal of our customer service representatives is to provide one-call resolution, not to get the member off the line as quickly as possible. The result is that members feel like they have an advocate, not an adversary, in their health plan.