Plan Design

One of the benefits of a partially self-insured benefit plan is greater flexibility in plan design. We have more than 28 years of experience in helping employers create a plan of medical benefits that fit their needs and the needs of their employees.

We start with an analysis of your existing plan, and then bring you recommendations for modifying your current plan, adding additional plan options, or both. The bottom line is that you’re not stuck with an off-the-shelf solution that doesn’t fit what you need, but rather a health plan customized for your unique business situation.


Consumer Driven Health Plans

Whether you’re thinking of adding an HSA, HRA or FSA, we have the real-life experience with our clients to understand how each type of account works and how it interacts with your health plan.

Health Savings Accounts

HealthEZ administers high deductible plans that qualify to be used with health savings accounts for many of our clients. We interface with many different banks that our clients select due to an existing business relationship. We’ll coordinate all aspects of account setup and completely support the enrollment process – taking time to meet with employees in groups and individually so that they fully understand the benefits of these tax-advantaged accounts and the high deductible plans that accompany them.

Health Reimbursement Administration

HealthEZ has extensive experience administering HRA accounts. Our HRA administration is integrated with our medical plan processing, and our financial transaction consolidation greatly simplifies the complex nature of these accounts. The employer is responsible for notifying us of the plan parameters – i.e., dollar amount of the HRA contribution, who is enrolled in the plan and what the rollover provisions are. We are responsible for administering the plan and accounts, tracking funding requests and HRA dollars paid out, as well as reporting account balances to members.

Flexible Spending Accounts

HealthEZ has been administering both healthcare reimbursement and dependent care FSA (also called Flex) accounts since 2006. The services are similar for both accounts other than differences in the IRS code regarding reimbursement.

Our program is integrated with the HealthEZ payment service, which means the member can assign their FSA account to HealthEZ, and funds will be paid automatically to the provider if it’s an eligible expense. Members do not need to pay at the time of service and wait for reimbursement. This program has helped increase FSA participation for employers due to its ease of use.