What people think

Lisa Pollock, Vice President of Life Time Fitness

Dr. Roger Sorbo, a HealthEZ member

Michael Zenk, President of Venture Bank

Tim Swan, Safety Coordinator at Life Time Fitness

Mike Starks, Paragon Partners

Greg Smith, Investment Banker

Don Mollihan, a broker partner of HealthEZ

Tom Murphy, CFO, CG Bretting

Our philosophy is that the best, most cost-effective care is the right care at the right time from the right doctor.

Here’s an example from a friend of our company who understands that statement through personal experience.

We have group coverage with a major carrier for the employees on our health plan. One of my employees had been having pancreatic attacks since late January or early February, with one attack so severe that he was taken by ambulance and hospitalized for 4 days. In an 8-week period he was subjected to 3 CT scans and 1 ultrasound. When he was discharged in mid-March from his time in the hospital, his doctors still had not been able to give him clear resolution of what was causing the attacks.

Ten days later he suffered another attack, and that is when I turned to HealthEZ for help. For in the 8 weeks this had been going on – during which time he had incurred 1 ambulance ride, 3 emergency room visits, 4 days of inpatient hospital stay, 3 CT scans, and 1 external ultrasound – he still didn’t know what caused the attacks. And he had not had any contact from our health plan to offer help through medical management. With the help of Joann in your medical management program, we were able to get him seen at the University of Minnesota by Dr. Freeman. There they performed an endoscopic ultrasound, and in one 3-hour visit were able to determine that he had gall stones which will required the removal of his gall bladder. The doctors at the U were “amazed” that, given his symptoms and number of visits, nobody had performed an endoscopic ultrasound. Their first thought was that it could have been pancreatic cancer, but thankfully it was simply gall stones.

So thank you...your staff was a big help – for someone who isn’t even your client. I wish we could bill the major carrier for the medical management services you provided; you definitely saved everyone in this situation time, anxiety, and money.

~ Small Company CEO