Since 70% of illnesses and associated costs are preventable, your health care spending can decline dramatically if a wellness program is implemented and employees participate enthusiastically.

HealthEZ will work with you to design a plan for successfully implementing a Wellness Program with your employees so that both your company and your employees will reap the benefits of a healthier life. Based on the employer’s needs, HealthEZ can also partner with local providers for wellness programs.


The EZfit program from HealthEZ makes it easy for members to get credit for their health club workouts.

The program is open to employees enrolled in their health plan at participating employers whose benefits are administered by HealthEZ.

EZfit members receive up to $20 per month towards their club membership cost if they work out the required number of times per month, depending on the employer’s plan. The program covers up to two people per household who are 18 years of age or older.

Many employers today recognize that a healthy employee costs them less, and the EZfit program encourages employees to stay fit and increases employee morale by providing a benefit that makes them feel better about themselves.

Promoting healthy lifestyles within the office

HealthEZ works with our clients to develop self-administered wellness programs that address the specific needs of the employee population. Here are some examples:

Quit and Get Paid – Pay employees to quit smoking. Cover appropriate nicotine cessation drugs; incent those quitting.
Impact: cardiovascular health, cancer, stroke

Pay by the Pound – Lose weight, make money. Incent employees by the pound for weight loss. This program would involve voluntary weigh-ins, removing the pressure of weekly deadlines. This program allows employees to loose weight on their own schedule, avoiding crash dieting to meet a weekly scheduled benchmark. Impact: hypertension, heart disease, diabetes

Walk it off – Walking program during work hours. Incent for group walking programs. Incentive can be either cash or 20-30 minutes off of work to walk route. Walking routes can be mapped around your campus and surroundng areas and participants should be encouraged to walk in groups. All research shows weight loss is best achieved in a group of people who interact on a daily basis. Impact: hypertension, heart disease, diabetes