4 things to know about Deerwalk — HealthEZ’s plan analytics platform

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HealthEZ recently completed its implementation of Deerwalk, a health plan analytics and reporting platform. This platform allows us to provide in-depth, granular insights to clients about how members are using their plan, including details about ER visits, hospital admissions, the utilization of brand name drugs versus generics and more. These insights help us evaluate our clients’ plan performance and give us ideas on how to improve them.

Below are 4 things to know about Deerwalk — and why it matters to HealthEZ clients.

1. It pinpoints savings opportunities

Deerwalk identifies savings opportunities at each reporting period. This includes:

    • Drug switch opportunities
    • Place of service switch opportunities (e.g., outpatient surgeries and imaging)
    • Avoidable emergency room admissions

Pinpointing savings opportunities like these help clients prioritize member education initiatives and inform plan design changes. Common initiatives include educating members on the benefits of using generic medications instead of a brand name drug and providing tips on knowing when an ER visit is essential.

2. Two dashboards are available — Executive Analytics and Plan Analytics

HealthEZ has access to two dashboards within Deerwalk, Executive Analytics and Plan Analytics. The Executive Analytics dashboard provides C-suite executives with a high-level view of financial and utilization trends and commercial benchmark comparisons to aid in strategic business decisions. The Plan Analytics dashboard includes over 70 standard reports, which allows HealthEZ to create report bundles based on our clients’ needs. These reports include:

    • Employee vs. dependent costs
    • Prevalence of chronic conditions
    • Emergency room visit analysis
    • Predictive risk scoring using Milliman’s MARA model
    • Normative benchmarking
    • Provider cost and quality metrics

3. It compares current performance against historical performance

Claim history is saved in Deerwalk so clients not only understand how their plan is currently performing — but can also compare it to historical performance. Historical reports allow clients to identify healthcare trends that help them better prepare for future benefit offerings. Deerwalk also integrates with our PBM partners’ data, so clients get a clearer picture of drug utilization trends.

4. It’s included at no additional cost for HealthEZ clients

Deerwalk’s insights come at no extra cost to HealthEZ clients. HealthEZ can run reports and deliver them to clients monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the needs of each group.

HealthEZ is a third party administrator committed to simplifying health benefits through continual innovation. Our suite of products and services help clients get more value out of their health benefits and mitigate risk. To learn more about Deerwalk or HealthEZ, contact us at service@healthez.com