About Us

The healthcare system is known for rising costs, impersonal service, unnecessary complexity and general discontent.

That’s why we’re here.

Self-funded benefits made
easy – for 40 years

HealthEZ is an independent TPA that designs custom, self-funded benefit plans that save employers money and provide members with a superior experience.

The most important thing we’ve learned in the past forty years?

A deep sense of empathy for our members, clients and partners. Without that, nothing gets better.

40 years of innovation
and leading ideas

Created the nation’s first PPO; Family Health Plan™. Later renamed America’s PPO™.
Established the nation’s first medical management program to guide members through
the healthcare system.
TPA operation created.
Introduced consolidated member billing statement to replace multiple, confusing EOBs.
EZpay™ bill payment service created to simplify the member experience and accelerate
provider payments.
TPA operation renamed HealthEZ™.
PPO renamed America’s PPO™.
Created branded benefits websites for all clients.
LiveEZ™ wellbeing suite of services introduced.
Boost Your Baby™ maternity program introduced.
Introduced innovative drug carve out programs to clients.
Elite™ high value network established.
Introduced member app which included digital ID cards.
EZchoice™ cost comparison tool integrated within member app.

pays it forward

As we celebrate 40 years in business, we’re showing our appreciation for those who make the world a better place. We donated to 40 worthy charities, each recommended and sponsored by a different HealthEZ employee. We’re fortunate to have such a caring and engaged team. We’re here because we care.

Values at HealthEZ

How we work together  with our clients, partners and members matters
greatly to us. These values guide all we do:

We’re here
because we care

Navigating the healthcare system is hard, and that’s why we are here. There’s nothing more important than our commitments to our members, clients, and partners. What matters to them, matters to us.

We’re better

Our team is stronger together than as individuals. Teamwork requires selflessness, trust, and a commitment to shared success.

A sense
of belonging

We make everyone feel valued because they are. Respect for each other’s backgrounds, perspectives and ideas make HealthEZ a safe and positive work environment.

Good enough
isn’t good enough

We are motivated by innovative curiosity, driven by a high standard of quality, and believe in continuous improvement. We pay attention to the little details because little things make big things possible.