It’s like level funding,
but better.™


EZfunding is an off-the-shelf level funding product with custom options, industry-leading cost containment, 5-star member service and 100% of surplus returned. EZfunding is so easy to buy, sell and manage that it’s like buying a plan in a can.

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National TPA: HealthEZ
Networks: Cigna® PPO, America’s PPO
PBM: Magellan®
Stop loss: Nationwide®
MGU: AccuRisk® D³

*This product contains no cost surprises or minimum attachment point

EZfunding offers the predictability of fully insured plans without the complexity of self-funding.

Major carrier
Stay fully insured (or level
funded) and absorb double
digit premium increases year
after year. Plus, low service
and limited data visibility.


From HealthEZ.
Backed by Nationwide®
and AccuRisk.

Build a fully custom self-funded plan and embrace
the associated plan
management investment
and claims risk.

A new level-funded solution that helps employers regain control of healthcare costs

EZfunding™ from HealthEZ offers small to midsize employers control of a top two business expense. With all of the elements of a comprehensive medical plan, EZfunding features competitive network options, proactive care management, 5-star service and Nationwide’s medical stop loss protection.

An all-in-one plan with flexibility

Eliminates the need to piece together each element of your own self-funded plan. It brings together flexible plan design, great networks with flexible pricing, a top third-party administrator, and comprehensive stop loss protection in one turnkey solution

Data that keeps you informed

Provides transparency into your medical and pharmacy expenses, so you know exactly where your health care dollars are going and why. This can help you make the most informed decisions about your plan now and in the future

A proactive

Includes integrated solutions such as Center of Excellence programs, comprehensive care management, transparent pharmacy data and competitive network pricing. Plus, stop loss protection from Nationwide®, so you’re protected against the unexpected.

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It’s like level funding, but better.™

With EZfunding™, you can truly stabilize health premium costs from year to year. By combining the simplicity of an all-in-one health benefit plan with the transparency and cost efficiency of a self-funded plan, EZfunding makes level funding an easy choice.


The medical stop loss coverage is underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio (CA COA #7032). In Hawaii, Louisiana, and Oregon the coverage is underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. AccuRisk Solutions, LLC, HealthEZ and Nationwide Life Insurance Company are each separate and non-affiliated companies. Nationwide is a service mark of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. Other marks that appear are the properties of their respective owners. EZfunding and It’s like level funding but better are service marks of HealthEZ. NSM-0320AO (08/23)