Self Funding Health Care


Health plans where
employers call the shots.

People have learned to expect high costs and low satisfaction from traditional health plans. Self-funding flips the script. It’s a model that helps companies deliver benefits to workers while holding on to their savings.

What are self-funded benefits?

With fully-insured health benefits, companies pay ever-rising premiums to insurers, no matter how healthy their workers are. By contrast, self-funding companies directly assume the cost of their employee health plans, paying for care when it’s needed, and keeping the money when it’s not.

That has big benefits for small and medium-size companies looking to increase quality and control spending.

Self-Funded Benefits Fully-Insured Benefits
Directly fund employee health Fund insurance company profits
<3% average annual cost increases Double-digit annual cost increases
Fully customizable plan options Inflexible plans
Stop-loss protection caps annual spending Premium payments and deductibles cap annual spending
HealthEZ manages the plan for employees Company HR department manages the plan for employees


Cost Control

Pay less for great benefits. We saved one long-term HealthEZ client an estimated $4,320 PEPY each year over the last seven years, while improving their access and options.

HealthEZ pulls all the cost-control levers to keep high-quality benefits affordable.

Advocacy and
Care Navigation

Guiding members to the right care at the right time at the best price.


Proactively working with those members at the greatest risk of large claims.


Relationships with partners committed to great care with lower markups and operating costs.

Creative pharmacy solutions

Custom plans that ensure members get great terms on their medications.

Auditing and
provider negotiation

Advocating for employers and members with providers to get the fairest deal.


Shopping competitive policies that safeguard employers in high-cost years and situations.



When healthcare is a black box, costs skyrocket. With self-funding, companies have the information they need to choose providers and services with eyes open and keep improving how they do things.


Better Outcomes

Self-funding removes incentives that lead to wasteful and unproductive care. Employees are guided to the right care at the right time at the best price, with support to manage health before more costly care is needed.



Self-funded plans, like those from HealthEZ, include support that takes the burdens of healthcare management off employees. So they can focus on work and life, not health insurance hassles.

The bottom line? Self-funding works wonders
for diverse businesses, established or
emerging, small or not-so-small.

Trust the self-funding pioneers.

HealthEZ has decades of experience helping
forward-thinking companies blaze a path to
better health, employee loyalty, and financial control.
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