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Take control of your healthcare costs and eliminate surprise medical bills.* Know how much you will spend before you go to the doctor.

More knowledge, more choice, more ease.

Introducing EZchoice, the new cost estimator in the HealthEZ member app.
EZchoice makes provider choice easy and medical costs transparent, so you can
be confident that you are not overspending on your medical care.

Follow these steps to estimate your costs*


Choose EZchoice from the home screen.

Open the HealthEZ app and tap the EZchoice button.

STEP two

Enter the type of care.

Search by type of care, or select from the most common options.


Select your procedure type.

After narrowing in on the type of care, select your specific procedure from the list.

STEP four

See your estimate and compare costs.

View results for nearby clinics and providers and compare costs side-by-side. You can view it in a list format or on a map. Filter your results to save time.

Get a full breakdown of your cost of care.

Once you’ve selected a provider, you’ll be able to view the total cost of care and your out-of-pocket cost. You can also contact a provider or clinic directly or learn more on this screen.

*This applies to most plans. There are some cases where this will not work for plans in the short-term. Please ask your account manager for further details.

**Costs will be estimated based on your employer’s benefit plan

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