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Traditional level funding plans return just 50% of unspent funds. We don’t think that’s good enough, so we created EZfunding, an all-in-one product that offers cost predictability without complexity. It’s like level-funding, but better. And it’s so easy, in fact, that we call it “a plan in a can.”

Benefits of EZfunding:

– Easy to understand, cost predictable product

– Returns 100% of surplus to employers

– Gives members access to HealthEZ’s 5-star member service

Great benefits, better control

With EZfunding, HealthEZ aims to help brokers make buying, selling, and managing a plan easy. Backed by Nationwide and AccuRisk, EZfunding helps employers offer great benefits and regain control of healthcare costs. No health questionnaires are required to enroll, and employers get access to all of their claims data—not just 25%—in personalized reports. And there are no surprise costs or minimum attachment point. EZfunding is the data-driven, customizable plan in a can that offers a proactive approach to level funding. Take a look at our recent webinar to find out all about EZfunding, and how you can help your customers offer great benefits and control their costs.