HealthEZ Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Mason RD

Posted on in Health

Happy National Nutrition Month! March is a time to refocus on our eating and exercise habits. With this year’s theme of “Bite by Bite”, I ask you to take wellbeing changes one bite at a time. My name is Rebecca and I am the carb-loving, steak-eating, brownie connoisseur Registered Dietitian at HealthEZ! I believe that all foods can fit, and I am available to answer your nutrition-related questions and give you personalized advice to meet your needs, so feel free to reach out. One of the top questions I receive is if a product is healthy or not. When looking at a nutrition label I look at these 3 sections to help guide my choices, but this will vary depending on your own nutritional needs and medical concerns.

  1. Serving size
  2. The fiber in the product
  3. Added sugar

For more details on how to read a label check out this site by the FDA on How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label.

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